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Hamlet of Van Lodge


The Masonic Province of South Wales

Warranted :10 June 1970

Consecrated : 25 November 1970

Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Caerphilly

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The last farewell

It is with great sadness that this last message appears on our site.

On 28th September 2023 The Hamlet of Van Lodge handed back its warrant after nearly 50 years. It was felt by the Lodge that there were  not sufficient members to sustain the operations of the Lodge

The final ceremony conducted by the Worshipful Master W. Bro. Antony Dowler was attended by a goodly number including our friends from the Royal Albert Edward Lodge from Bath.

During the closing ceremony Worshipful Bro Clive Hughes delivered a moving address on the history of the Lodge. He was assisted by Worshipful Bro. David Davies who explained the banner of the Lodge. The warrant was presented to the Assistant Provincial Grand Master who promptly left the Lodge as it no longer technically existed. That is not to say that we have gone away. The assets of the Lodge have to be recycled and the monies held in our accounts to be put to good use by donations to Charities both National and Local.

There are many memorable individuals who have occupied the Chair namely, W.Bro. Basil Howells, Donald Powell, Sam Prescott, to name but a few, who have contributed to what has been a very successful and happy Lodge. We have lost our Mother our Home and the many friends who have visited us from far and wide over the years. We are sure we will meet again some sunny day.

Happy to meet, happy to part and happy to meet again.