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Hamlet of Van Lodge


The Masonic Province of South Wales

Warranted :10 June 1970

Consecrated : 25 November 1970

Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Caerphilly

Further consideration, therefore, had to be given to finding another suitable and acceptable name. Three suggestions were proposed. The first was ‘Porset’, an area near Bedwas, but actually situated in the County of Glamorgan. The second was ‘Rudry’, a small village and parish near to Bedwas and Machen, but again in Glamorgan. Thirdly, ‘Hamlet of Van’, Van being a village on the outskirts of Caerphilly, in an area adjoining READ MORE

In 1969, nineteen Brethren agreed to support Wbro Robert Cecil O Blundell, PPrAGDC, in forming a Lodge in Caerphilly. It was felt that another Lodge was required in the Caerphilly area to relieve the congestion in local Lodges. The Membership of the four existing Lodges being 135, 121,177 and 44.


Meeting Dates

Fourth Thursday, September, November, Third Thursday January and Fourth Thursday March to June.

Installation :November

The Founders unanimously agreed that the Lodge would be named ‘ St Barrwg’s after the Patron Saint of the 13th century church in Bedwas. The suggested name was duly submitted to Provincial Grand Lodge for approval, but it was rejected for two reasons. Firstly, a St Barruch’s Chapter was about to be formed in Barry (Barrwg is the Welsh form of Barruch). Legend has it that Barruch is reputed to have been a member of an early Manostic Order, which had been established on the island of Flatholm in the Bristol Channel, and therefore quite close to Barry. The second, and most important reason, was that St Barrwg’s Church actually lay within the Masonic Province of Monmouthshire!